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Integra Schools, Governor Services provide a comprehensive professional service to all education settings, allowing them to benefit from effective and efficient governing boards who work strategically and positively contribute to the effectiveness of leadership.

There are two sections to the website, the first tab is publically available. The public part of the website contains information and guidance that the Local Authority is required to provide in order to meet its statutory responsibilities.

The remaining tabs: 'Core Governance'; 'Knowing Your School' and 'Policies, Guidance and Legislation' are available to those governing boards who subscribe to Integra Schools, Governor Services.

The menu on the left provides information about our services and how you can access our support.


What's new?

04/07/2019 10:42Rachel Huke

​Our Training Programme for the next academic year is now available.  You can access the programme by clicking on the 'public content' tab, then the 'training programme' tab.

19/06/2019 15:38Rachel Huke

​The updated School Improvement Policy for South Gloucestershire Schools 2019-2020.

This document can be found by clicking on the 'Knowing your School' tab, then 'School Improvement'

19/06/2019 15:33Rachel Huke

​A best practice booklet for South Gloucestershire schools and academies. 

This document can be found by clicking on the 'Knowing your School' then 'Performance Management' Tabs.

25/04/2019 10:03Rachel Huke

​A document to support Governors and Headteachers in discussing and developing the format and content of the Headteacher's Report.  Can be found under the 'Policies, Guidance & Legislation' tab, then 'Guidance'.

15/01/2019 11:16Michelle Sharratt

​The document has been developed to help establish and formally document the agreed framework for the work of individual Governing Boards.  It can be found under the 'Core Governance', then 'Work of the Governing Body'.

25/10/2018 10:01Rachel Huke

​This new document answers some of the questions that we are posed on a regular basis.  It is also a very useful tool for Clerks to have quick access to enable them to support their governing board.   It can be found under the 'Core Governance', then 'Governors'.

21/11/2018 10:02Rachel Huke

​We have developed a link governor pack to support you in developing the role of link governors in your school.  Please note the list of possible link governors in this pack is not exhaustive or essential.  You can find the pack under 'policies guidance & legislation', 'guidance'.

12/11/2018 11:39Rachel Huke

​This document has been changed in line with an update to the national guidance.  It can be found under 'Policies, Guidance and Legislation' then 'Guidance'

​If you are interested in any of the "secure" items in our  'What's New' listing, please contact us to find out how to subscribe to our services.