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Integra Schools, Governor Services provide a comprehensive professional service to all education settings, allowing them to benefit from effective and efficient governing boards who work strategically and positively contribute to the effectiveness of leadership.

There are two sections to the website, the first tab is publically available. The public part of the website contains information and guidance that the Local Authority is required to provide in order to meet its statutory responsibilities.

The remaining tabs: 'Core Governance'; 'Knowing Your School' and 'Policies, Guidance and Legislation' are available to those governing boards who subscribe to Integra Schools, Governor Services.

If you are interested in becoming a school governor you can find more information about the role here.  You can fill in a new governor application form here.

The menu on the left provides information about our services and how you can access our support.


What's new?

13/05/2022 09:40Rachel Huke

Understanding the role of a parent governor can be quite confusing to those who are newly elected. Our new guidance document to support parent governors in their role is now available.  Please go to the 'Core Governance' Tab then the 'Work of the Governing Board' tab.​​

03/05/2022 10:03Rachel Huke

​The newsletter for the summer term is now available, please click on the 'Policies, Guidance and Legislation' tab, then the 'News' tab to view.  Articles in this term's newsletter include: rolitical impartiality in schools, Questions to facilitate challenge, a brief overview of the schools white paper, a reminder of the nolan principles, links to updated guidance documents. And much more!

24/03/2022 08:41Rachel Huke

Our training programme for terms 5 and 6 is now available, please go to the public content tab and then the training programme tab to see what we have on offer.  A number of new courses have been added to the programme for next term.​

23/03/2022 14:36Rachel Huke

​Recommended Clerks fees have now been updated for the academic year 2021-2022.  You can find the new recommended fee under the 'Core Governance' tab, then the 'Clerks' tab.

21/03/2022 11:36Rachel Huke

We have created a new guidance document to explain what quorum means in maintained schools.  The document can be found under the Core Governance Tab, then the Clerks Tab.​

28/02/2022 10:00Rachel Huke

​We have updated our guidance document for use when considering a co-chair arrangement on your governing board. It can be found under the 'core governance' tab, then the 'chair of governors' tab.

06/01/2022 07:54Rachel Huke

Our Spring Newsletter is now available under the 'Policy, Guidance and Legislation' Tab then the 'News' tab.  Articles in this term's newsletter include: The DfE's guide to data, new DfE uniform guidance, Pupil Premium, PE and Sports Premium, Staff CPD, Governor training and development and much more...​

​If you are interested in any of the "secure" items in our  'What's New' listing, please contact us to find out how to subscribe to our services.