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Integra Schools, Governor Services provide a comprehensive professional service to all education settings, allowing them to benefit from effective and efficient governing boards who work strategically and positively contribute to the effectiveness of leadership.

There are two sections to the website, the first tab is publically available. The public part of the website contains information and guidance that the Local Authority is required to provide in order to meet its statutory responsibilities.

The remaining tabs: 'Core Governance'; 'Knowing Your School' and 'Policies, Guidance and Legislation' are available to those governing boards who subscribe to Integra Schools, Governor Services.

If you are interested in becoming a school governor you can find more information about the role here.  You can fill in a new governor application form here.

The menu on the left provides information about our services and how you can access our support.


What's new?

22/05/2020 11:44Maxine Winter

​Governing boards need to show their support for their schools in a proportionate way, being there for your senior leaders when necessary, but without adding pressure during this challenging time. We are also aware that governing boards are not immune to this strain and anxiety, chairs will no doubt welcome the support of other members of the board.

22/05/2020 11:43Maxine Winter

​Moving forward into the summer term and beyond it is our training that has required the greatest rethink. We have built a strong reputation for providing high quality governor and clerks training which is based on the expertise of our facilitators. As this face to face training is no longer possible, we will now be delivering as many courses as possible remotely using Microsoft Teams.

I ask for your patience as we begin this process. I am sure we will face challenges, but I am also sure that we will learn a great deal along the way and that it will change the way we do some things for the better. 

Our training programme, content and style will evolve but we remain committed to providing you with relevant, practical and compliant support that enables you to deliver effective governance and improve outcomes for all of the children and young people in South Gloucestershire.

Further details will be available after the May half term.

22/05/2020 11:42Maxine Winter

​Social distancing measures have changed some aspects of the support we offer you and your governing boards. However, our helpline and inbox remain unchanged and we welcome your questions and queries. Please do continue to contact us in this way and we will respond as quickly as we can.


05/05/2020 11:36Rachel Huke

The local authority recognises the responsibility it has for dealing with public funds.  Schools must ensure proper accountability.  This new template policy ​also includes a conter fraud response plan.  The document can be found under the 'Policies Guidance and Legislation' Tab, then click on the 'Policies' Tab.

30/04/2020 14:31Rachel Huke

Updated guidance on holding virtual governor meetings.  Can be found under the 'Core Governance' Tab, then the 'Meeting Guidance' Tab.​

30/04/2020 14:30Rachel Huke

A document for governing boards to use when requesting references for new governors who were previously unknown to the governing board.  This can be found by clicking on the 'Core Governance' Tab then the 'Governor Recruitment' Tab.​

30/04/2020 14:06Rachel Huke

This guidance document has been updated by Education, Learning and Skills and can be found by clicking on the 'Policies, Guidance and Legislation' Tab, followed by the 'Guidance' Tab.  It includes information on the Governor's role in exclusions.

28/04/2020 09:56Rachel Huke

​South Gloucestershire COVID-19 Staff Wellbeing Team have published a staff wellbeing newsletter for all school staff, signposting sources of support in respect of wellbeing and associated concerns around the impact of COVID-19. 

The newsletter can be accessed via the link below, the information has been shared with school leaders but please do have a look and ensure that your schools are aware of this newsletter.

19/03/2020 11:39Rachel Huke

*Updated 20.4.20*

​We have cancelled all of our courses and reviews until after the May half term break.  We will continue to update you on all of our future work as we are keeping up with developments on a daily basis.

DfE Guidance on safeguarding in schools during this time can be found by clicking on the following link

Please get in touch if you have any queries during the school closures, we are still here to support you.

30/03/2020 10:14Rachel Huke

​The March School Governance Update has been published by the DfE.  It offers advice for Governing Boards on the current situation and asks all Clerks to keep Get Information About Schools up to date with your Governing Board details. You can access it via the link below. ​

​If you are interested in any of the "secure" items in our  'What's New' listing, please contact us to find out how to subscribe to our services.