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Integra Schools, Governor Services provide a comprehensive professional service to all education settings, allowing them to benefit from effective and efficient governing boards who work strategically and positively contribute to the effectiveness of leadership.

There are two sections to the website, the first tab is publically available. The public part of the website contains information and guidance that the Local Authority is required to provide in order to meet its statutory responsibilities.

The remaining tabs: 'Core Governance'; 'Knowing Your School' and 'Policies, Guidance and Legislation' are available to those governing boards who subscribe to Integra Schools, Governor Services.

The menu on the left provides information about our services and how you can access our support.


What's new?

06/04/2017 15:07Anna Rose

​The Summer 2017 edition of the Governor Development Service newsletter is now available - you can find this within the subscriber's 'News' pages.

06/04/2017 15:05Anna Rose

The NAHT, in collaboration with partners, have produced free guidance for schools considering academy conversion. Aimed at providing schools with a clear understanding of what steps must be taken at each stage of the conversion process, this guidance can be found within the subscriber's 'Guidance' area.

16/03/2017 15:44Anna Rose

The consideration of pupil exclusions can feel quite daunting, especially the first time. This guidance aims to give governors an overview of the exclusion process and an understanding of the governing board's responsibilities.

You can find this new publication within the 'Guidance' area of our website.

14/03/2017 16:16Anna Rose

​We have updated our guidance note Monitoring and evaluation - the difference to reflect the current sources of data available to governors.

You can find this guidance within the subscribers 'Knowing your school - Monitoring and evaluation' area of the website.

14/03/2017 16:23Anna Rose

​South Gloucestershire Council Children's Safeguarding Board have updated their example Child Protection Policy and we have uploaded this to our site.

You can find this within the 'Policies' area of the site.

14/03/2017 16:19Anna Rose

​We have recently updated our guidance on Questions a governing board should ask - why not take a look?

It can be found within the subscriber's 'Knowing your school - Monitoring and Evaluation' area.

​If you are interested in any of the "secure" items in our  'What's New Listing'  please contact us to find out how to subscribe to our services.