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"There can never have been a more important time in our country's recent history to be involved in education, and we need skilled and motivated governors who are committed to transforming our schools." 

Lord Nash, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Schools


An effective governing board is, in itself, the best recruitment tool of all. Don't wait for vacancies to arise before developing effective recruitment strategies such as engaging parents with the work of the governing board and actively encouraging community and business links.

Governing boards should regularly ask 'do we have the right skills on the governing board?'  .

Below are a number of templates and guidance documents. There are further templates and guidance for subscribing governing boards in the Core Governance .


Eligibility - Declaration Form.docx
Form to be signed by all governors and associate members.  Updated August 2017.
Eligibility - Schedule 4 Qualification and Disqualification Criteria.docx
Details of what disqualifies a person from holding office as a governor.  Updated August 2017.
LA Governor - Appendix 1 - Nomination Request Form.docx
Local Authority Governor Nomination Request Form. Updated August 2017.
LA Governor - Appendix 2 - Application Form.docx
Local Authority Governor Appilcation Form.  Updated August 2017.
LA Governor - Appendix 3 - Re-Appointment Nomination Form.docx
Local Authority Governor Re-Appointment Nomination Request Form.  Updated August 2017.
Local Authority Approved LA Governor Nomination Process - 2014.pdf
Local Authority nomination process.
Parent Governor Election Procedure - Appendices Included.pdf
Complete Parent Governor Election pack including Appendicies. Updated August 2017.
Staff Governor Election Procedure - Appendices Included.pdf
Complete Staff Governor Election Pack.  Updated August 2017.
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