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This section contains useful advice for schools from a range of sources. The advice relates to policy and whole school issues as well as practical advice for individual members of staff.

Documents created before September 2011 will refer to EMAS or ACTES. Services have been reorganised and addresses will have changed. Contact your local authority for details of their support services.


 Advice and Guidance for Schools documents


Description and link
Advice and information for those working with Travellers, Irish Travellers, Gypsies, Roma and Showpeople
Research report on training and support issues for those working with children, young people and families from Traveller, Irish Traveller, Gypsy, Roma and Show People Communities

Advice on supporting bilingual childen with SEN
Advice and Guidance for speech and language therapy professionals on working with bilingual pupils

Challenging racism towards Gypsy, Roma and Travellers
 Show Racism the Red Card have produced a resource for challenging racism towards GRT people. 85% of GRT young people surveyed about addressing racism towards GRT people in school lessons said they thought it would be good thing, that schools should talk about racism and their community.

Dingle Granby Toxteth 
Standard Letters translated in several languages

EAL Teaching Strategies
Equality Act 2010 - DfE advice for schools
Friends Families and Travellers Seeks to end racism and discrimination against Gypsies and Travellers and to protect the right to pursue a nomadic way of life, has information, advice and resources for families and schools

Global Curriculum
Classroom activities and a children's area, has Literacy and Numeracy resources to promote global perspectives, includes activities for other areas of the curriculum

GRT  Advice and Resources
Useful resources and case studies to support schools in working with GRT pupils

Gypsy, Roma and Traveller - FAQs, Myths and the Facts
National Association of Teachers of Travellers and Other Professionals
GRT books and resources available to purchase, information on GRT Culture, GRT History Month information
Tackling Racism
Show Racism the Red Card provides workshops for teachers and students, the website also has publications, case studies and advice, resources

Gypsies and Travellers: Their lifestyle, history and culture

FAQs produced by Travellers Times Romani journalist Jake Bowers