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Parents and carers play a key role in helping their children to stay safe online. Children are using the internet more often and have access to it through a whole range of devices. Schools provide a whole range of activities to help to keep children safe when in school as well as talking about how to address issues outside school.

We have collected some key documents and web links for parents to enable them to support children at home with online safety issues. ​Schools can also reference these documents and link them on their own website.



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Children Parents Media Use Attitudes Report 2016 Offcom.pdf
Digital Parenting Magazine Issue 4.pdf
NAHT Internet Safety Parent Guide.pdf
Ofcom Childrens Worksheet 2016-17.pdf
Young People and Social Networking Sites.pdf
Description and Link

​Advice for teachers and parents on safe searching.


​The site enables you to search for a game to find out what online safety risks it might include and the age rating for the game. It is useful to check resources that children might be reporting that they use.


​Great website to direct parents to and you can order the Vodaphone Digital Parenting Magazine for your parents for free.


​Resource on digital advertising to support the computing curriculum. Media Smart Website


Suggestions for an agreement for home use of technology giving aspects to discuss and an agreement to sign up to at home.


​This includes a section on how to report an issue if you are concerned about the safety of your child online.


Information about online games ratings and the dangers of using different games.


​Parents guides to Facebook, Google+, Snapchat and Instagam


Includes video guides for parents in a number of languages.


Advice and information as well as films on various online safety topics.


​Links to video resources for parents and young people on a range of topics