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Schools Finance


​The School Finance Officers (SFO) are

Laura Britton, Claire Paines​, 

Matt Callicott and Deb Luter.​

​​This website provides useful advice, guidance and support for Headteachers, Senior Leaders, School Business Managers and Finance staff in schools and academies who subscribe to our service.

Subscribers will have a login to access much of the information.​

Email address: 

Monday to Thursday​: 8.30am to 4.30pm

Friday 8.30am to 4.00pm

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Revised budget submissions are due by 30 November 2021



​​​​​HCSS helpline: 0845 340 4546 

 Financial Systems Helpdesk: 01454 865167 or 5180

​Schools Finance Helpline: Due to Covid, all SFO's are working from home and can be contacted via their direct line.  

The Schools Finance helpline is not currently available but you can contact

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If you are new in post, please contact your SFO for your copy of the SBM financial handbook.  It's packed full of information you will find useful in your first few months.

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​​Watch this space for our Spring training courses.  Suitable for SBM's, finance staff and headteachers​



Wednesday's Weekly

You can find each edition under 'Information & Guidance', 'Newsletters'

No 21​/2021 24 Nov ​- ​Revised budget submission, revised budgets into Civica, EHCP's

No 20​/2021 17 Nov ​- ​​Salary statements, SFVS​

No 19​/2021 10 Nov ​- ​​Condition Improvement Fund, School led tutoring update, sickess claim form​

No 18​/2021 03 Nov ​- ​School led tutoring update, Sept salary errors, overtime detail codes,​ coding on claim forms, PE Grant, Pupil Premium

No 17​/2021 20 Oct ​- Before your meeting

No 16​/2021 13 Oct ​- ​​SFO's Oct / Nov, RB checklists, VAT change​

No 15​/2021 6 Oct ​- ​​SFO's Oct / Nov, RB checklists, School led tutoring premium, recovery premium funding, sickness claims, authorised signatories form

No 14​/2021 22 Sept ​- ​training courses, unallocated income, Civica reports

No 13​/2021 15 Sept ​- ​training courses, SBM financial handbook, UIFSM & PE Grant, Overtime detail codes, overtime or casual, Revised Budgets

No 12​/2021 08 Sept ​- ​training courses, Recovery Premium funding, PPG, SPP, detail code list, Civica issues, Revised Budgets

No 11​/2021 14 July ​- ​training courses, message from Internal Audit, VAT on adult meals, sickness claims, financial informaion on websites, unallocated income, UIFSM income allocations, new detail codes​

No 10​/2021 30 June ​- ​training courses, Schools VAT update, sickness claims and Covid​​

No 09​/2021 23 June ​- ​training courses, Employers' contribution rate for support staff, PE/Sports Grant, PRW claim form, Service PP, one off payment for schools with NQT​​

No 08​/2021 16 June ​- ​training courses, detail code 9220, si​ckness claim form, recovery premium, direct debits, budgets in Civica​​

No 07​/2021 9 June ​- ​PE/Sports Grant, Pupil Premium funding, Bath Spa/UWE income, training courses​

No 06​/2021 26 May ​- ​budget submissions, Integra insurance claim forms, training courses, half term​

No 05​/2021 19 May ​- ​budget submissions, support staff pay offer, publishing budgets, uploading budgets, request for payment, Integra insurance claim forms

No 04/2021 12 May ​- ​budget submissions, upcoming training courses

No 03/2021 05 May ​- ​budget submissions, sickness claim forms, school uniform

No 02/2021 28 April - ​budget submissions, change in conditions re Covid catch up grant, DFC allocations for 21/22.

No 01/2021 21 April - ​Schools Finance team, budget submissions, school meals during Covid-19 & FSM reimbursement, mass testing funding, VAT update, Civica & ransomware attack, Stripe payments, detail codes, detail code 9220.