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Schools Finance


Welcome to Integra Schools Finance support


This website provides useful advice, guidance and support for headteachers, senior leaders, School Business Managers, and finance staff in schools and academies who subscribe to our service.

Schools Finance Helpline: 01454 863265 

Email address: 

Available Monday to Thursday​: 8.30am to 4.30pm, 

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Latest News & Updates



For the attention of all SBMs and HT's - 11/02/19

Instructions and templates for the 2018/19 Year End can now be found under the tab Financial Management then choose 'Year End Timetable & Procedures'


​For the attention o​f all SBM​​s - 29/11/18


Schools Income

Current Missing Income

South Gloucestershire Controls Team is responsible for posting all income received into Schools CIVICA accounts.  Sometimes the income received has little or no reference which means the Controls Team cannot allocate it.

In order to allocate this income we are asking South Gloucestershire Schools to check their CIVICA accounts and notify us of any missing income using the attached form.

Future Income

If Schools are expecting income into the South Gloucestershire Schools General Account can you please email all remittances or Income details to

If you are unable to find an expected income amount on your Schools Civica Code, please provide details using the Missing Income Form.

Where Parents send payments using Payment Systems E.g Parentpay – Please ensure systems are setup with correct Cost Code references E.g XXX00/9301 (where XXX = schools unique code), so that payments are automatically allocated to the correct ledger code in Civica. Your Provider will be able to help you if you are unsure how to do this on your particular system.


For the attention of all SBMs - 15/11/18


You may have received some bank charges on Nat West Bank Account (Imprest/School Fund). This is an error and you should receive a refund shortly.  

Please do not claim the value back on Imprest accounts or include it as expenditure on school fund. Maintain a record of charges and check for the refund.

CIVICA: For the attention of all School based Civica Financials Users - 2/11/18 

                                                              Corporate IT are retiring their Citrix farm and replacing it with Microsoft Remote Desktop Services. The Citrix shutdown date proposed by Corporate IT is: Friday 9 November.

Attached is a brief guide explaining the steps needed to access Civica in the future.

Accessing Civica Financials via Remote Desktop Services.pdf 

Offer of funding from National Grid for Primary Schools - Updated 22/10/18

Look out for an offer of funding from National Grid.  In the coming weeks, National Grid (through an intermediary called Benevity) will be welcoming applications from Primary schools for additional funding for STEM resources.  The average funding offer will be around £500.00 and forms part of their obligation under Section 106 to support the local community and education in the area.  This funding can be used to purchase items to add value to schools resources and could provide additional materials for both the curriculum and out of school clubs.

This information has now been circulated to South Gloucestershire Schools. Please see the following two documents:

HCP STEM fund school invite email final.pdf

National Grid STEM Programme Guidelines for schools final.pdf


School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document: September 2018 - 25/9/18

Schools HR have circulated two documents in relation to School Teachers Pay and Conditions (September 2018) with options that you may wish to consider when implementing an uplift to teacher's pay.

Following a number of queries from schools we have created a help guide that will allow you to model your chosen option in HCSS budgeting software.

Schools HR briefing sheet 1

Schools HR briefing sheet 2

Help guide to model options in HCSS