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Schools Finance


​The School Finance Officers (SFO) are

Laura Britton, Claire Paines​, 

Matt Callicott and Deb Luter.​

​​This website provides useful advice, guidance and support for Headteachers, Senior Leaders, School Business Managers and Finance staff in schools and academies who subscribe to our service.

Subscribers will have a login to access much of the information.​

Email address: 

Monday to Thursday​: 8.30am to 4.30pm

Friday 8.30am to 4.00pm

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Revised budget submissions are due by 30 November 2021


​​​​​HCSS helpline: 0845 340 4546 

 Financial Systems Helpdesk: 01454 865167 or 5180

​Schools Finance Helpline: Due to Covid, all SFO's are working from home and can be contacted via their direct line.  

The Schools Finance helpline is not currently available but you can contact

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​Watch this space for our Spring training courses.  Suitable for SBM's, finance staff and headteachers



Wednesday's Weekly

You can find each edition under 'Information & Guidance', 'Newsletters'

No 16​/2021 13 Oct ​- ​​SFO's Oct / Nov, RB checklists, VAT change​

No 15​/2021 6 Oct ​- ​​SFO's Oct / Nov, RB checklists, School led tutoring premium, recovery premium funding, sickness claims, authorised signatories form

No 14​/2021 22 Sept ​- ​training courses, unallocated income, Civica reports

No 13​/2021 15 Sept ​- ​training courses, SBM financial handbook, UIFSM & PE Grant, Overtime detail codes, overtime or casual, Revised Budgets

No 12​/2021 08 Sept ​- ​training courses, Recovery Premium funding, PPG, SPP, detail code list, Civica issues, Revised Budgets

No 11​/2021 14 July ​- ​training courses, message from Internal Audit, VAT on adult meals, sickness claims, financial informaion on websites, unallocated income, UIFSM income allocations, new detail codes​

No 10​/2021 30 June ​- ​training courses, Schools VAT update, sickness claims and Covid​​

No 09​/2021 23 June ​- ​training courses, Employers' contribution rate for support staff, PE/Sports Grant, PRW claim form, Service PP, one off payment for schools with NQT​​

No 08​/2021 16 June ​- ​training courses, detail code 9220, si​ckness claim form, recovery premium, direct debits, budgets in Civica​​

No 07​/2021 9 June ​- ​PE/Sports Grant, Pupil Premium funding, Bath Spa/UWE income, training courses​

No 06​/2021 26 May ​- ​budget submissions, Integra insurance claim forms, training courses, half term​

No 05​/2021 19 May ​- ​budget submissions, support staff pay offer, publishing budgets, uploading budgets, request for payment, Integra insurance claim forms

No 04/2021 12 May ​- ​budget submissions, upcoming training courses

No 03/2021 05 May ​- ​budget submissions, sickness claim forms, school uniform

No 02/2021 28 April - ​budget submissions, change in conditions re Covid catch up grant, DFC allocations for 21/22.

No 01/2021 21 April - ​Schools Finance team, budget submissions, school meals during Covid-19 & FSM reimbursement, mass testing funding, VAT update, Civica & ransomware attack, Stripe payments, detail codes, detail code 9220.