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 Lemon Meringue Pie
5 Bean Burritos
Apple and Sultana Turnover Puffs
Artic Roll
Aubergine/ Courgette Bake
Australian Crunch
Bacon and Mushroom Carbonara
Baked Squash/ Sweet Potato / Spinach
Battered Sausage
BBQ  Beef Burgers
BBQ Quorn & Veg Wraps
Beef Burgers
Beef Burrito
Beef Patties & Rice
Beef stew & Dumplings
Burritos / Chicken
Butternut Squash & Red Lentil
Butternut Squash / Mushroom/ Veg Risotto
Butternut Squash and Lentil Korma
Butternut Squash Tagine
Butterscotch Cookies
Caramelised Apple ans Cinnamon Cake
Carrot & Coconut Slice
Carrot & Coriander
Carrot Cake
Carrot Cake
Cauliflower & Broccoli
Cheese  Burger
Cheese & Broccoli Tart
Cheese and Bacon Macaroni
Cheese and Tomato Quiche
Cheese pinwheels
Cheese Quiche / Bacon / Ham
Cheese Quiche / Pepper / Spinach / Broccoili
Cheese Scotch Eggs
Cheesy Pasta
Chelsea Buns
Cherry Shortbread
Cherry/Lemon Squares
Chewy Coconut Squares
Chicken and Ham Pasta Bake
Chicken Breast Pepper Wraps
Chicken Burgers
Chicken Casserole
Chicken Drumsticks (frozen)
Chicken Fricassee
Chicken Pie / Leek / Sweetcorn
Chicken, Chive and Mushroom Pie
Choc Au Pain
Chocolate and Pear Sponge
Chocolate and Pear Sponge
Chocolate Brownie
Chocolate Chip & Cherry Shortbread
Chocolate Coconut Bars
Chocolate Cookies
Chocolate Crispy Cake
Chocolate Crunch
Chocolate Eclairs
Chocolate Fruit Slice
Chocolate Krispie Cake
Chocolate Krispie cake
Chocolate Shortbread
Chocolate Sponge
Chow Mein
Chunky Quorn and vegetable stroganoff
Cinnamon and Raisin Bagels
Cinnamon Swirl Biscuits
Coconut  Raisin Traybake
Cod Bites
Coffee Treacle Traybake
Corn Flakes
Cornflake Crunchie
Cornflake Slice
Cottage Pie
Country Vegetable Pie
Courgette & Mint
Creamy Tomato Sauce
Creamy Tomato Sauce
Custard/Lemon/Chocolate Mint Kisses
Donauwell Sponge
Dorset Apple Cake
Eccles Cakes
Egg Noodles
Eve's Pudding
Faggots & Gravy
Fairground Sausages
Fish - Fingers/ Breaded/ Salmon Fingers/ Battered
Fish - Poached & Topping
Fish Cakes (Homemade)
Fish Pie
French Onion Soup
Fruit Filled Pancakes
Fruit Pie
Fruit Strudel
Fudgy Coconut Brownies
Garlic Bread
Ginger Crunch
Gingerbread Puding/Sponge
Golden Syrup Sponge Cake
Ham & Leek Pasta Bake
Hash Browns
Herby Diced potatoes
Homemade Burger
Jam & Coconut Slice
Jam and Coconut Sponge
Jam Roly Poly
Jam Tart
Jelly & Fruit
Lamb Enchiladas
Lasagne - Beef / Chicken
Lasagne - veggi / Bolognaise
Leek & Potato
Leek & Potato Gratin
Leek and Potato Strudel
Lemon & Sultana Cookies
Lemon and Lime Cheesecake
Lemon Drizzle
Lemon Fingers
Lemon Iced Sponge
Lemon Meringue Sponge
Lemon Spice Cakes
Lemon Tart
Lentil Cottage pie
Lidl Extra Thick Crumpets
Macaroni Cheese
Macaroni Cheese
Marble Cake
Margherita Pizza
Marmalade sponge
Maryland Cookies Vanilla/Plain/Chocolate
Meat Feast Pizza
Meatballs In Tomato Sauce
Mediterranean Slice / Roulade
Millionaire Shortbread
Mince & Yorkshire Pudding
Minced Beef and Onion Pie
Mini Carrot Cake
Mixed Bean Lasagne
Mixed Beans
Monkey Puzzle
Mushroom Stroganoff/ Parcels
Mushroom Tagliatelli
Oat Biscuits Chocolate/Vanilla
Oatmeal Crunch
Oatmeal Raisin Slices
Oaty Apple Crumble
Pain Au Chocolate
Pancakes & Syrup
Pasta - Penne, Spirals, Macaroni
Pasta Bake
Pasta Sprials
Pastry Nests
Pea & Parsnip
Pear & Chocolate Sponge
Pigs in blanket
Pineapple Syrup Sponge
Pineapple Upside Down Cake
Pizza Slab
Pizza Topping
Plain Bagels
Plum Raisin Cake
Pork / Pork Chops & Apple Sauce & Stuffing & Gravy
Potato and Onion Tortilla
Quorn & Veg Pie
Quorn Filled Yorkshire
Quorn Sausages
Quorn Toad in the hole
Refrigerated Biscuits
Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding
Roast Lamb & Mint Sauce
Roast Turkey- Stuffing - Gravy
Rock Cakes
Sage and Onion Stuffing
Salmon Pasta Bake
Sausage & Mash & Gravy
Sausage & Stuffing Plait
Sausage and Tomato Pasta
Sausage Casserole
Savoury Crumble
Savoury Mince
Seasonal Fruit Crumble
Sesame Buns
Shortbread (Chocolate/Cherry)
Shredded Wheat
Southern Coated Chicken Wrap
Spaghetti Bolognaise
Special Diets. Doherty's. Free From - Gluten. Sausages
Special Diets. Nairns. Free From. Biscuit Breaks
Special Diets. Tesco. Free From. Sausages
Special Diets. Young's. Free From. Fish Fingers
Spicy Cauliflower
Spinach & Mushroom Lasagne
Spinach & Potato Bake
Spinach & Sweet Potato Bake
Sponge (Chocolate & Orange)
Sponge (Coconut & Jam)
Sponge (Coffee)
Sponge (Lemon Curd)
Sponge (Lemon Drizzle)
Sponge (Lime &Coconut)
Sponge (Orange & Lemon)
Sponge (Victoria)
Sponge(Chocolate & Cherry)
Spotted Dick
Steak and Mushroom Pie
Steamed Chocolate Pudding
Steamed Sultana Sponge
Steamed Syrup Pudding
Sticky Chicken
Sticky Toffee Apple Sponge
Stir Fry - Meat / Veg/ Sweet Chilli/ BBQ/ Chinese
Strawberry Cheesecake
Stuffed Marrow
Sub Roll
Sugared Scones
Sweet & Sour - Chicken/ Pork/ Veg
Sweet Chilli Chicken & Noodles / Veggi
Sweet Chilli Veg Stir Fry & Noodles
Sweet Potato
Syrup Sponge
Syrup Sponge
Tex Mex Beef and Bean Burrito
Toad In The Hole
Toffee Steamed Pudding
Tomato & Basil
Tomato and Basil Pasta
Tomato and Bean Pasta
Tomato, Onion & Pepper Pasta
Treacle Tart
Tuna Pasta Bake
Uplands Biscuit
Vanilla & Peach Sponge
Vanilla Sauce
Veg Crumble
Veg Hot Dogs
Veg Sausage / Pasta & Tomato Casserole
Vegetable Pasta Bake
Vegetable Soup
Vegetarian Burgers
Vegetarian Cottage pie
Vegetarian Lasagne
Vegetarian Layer Bake
Vegetarian Toad in The Hole
Veggi 1/4 in a Bun
Veggi Chilli
Veggi Cottage Pie
Vicarage Puding
Wholegrain Bagels
Winter Fruit Crumble
Winter Quickies (Biscuits)
Wraps - Chicken/ Veg / sweet Chilli/ BBQ/ Chinese