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Baked Vegetable & Chicken Pie (ApetitoMP)
Beef Casserole (Apetito MP)
Beef Stew & Dumpling (Apetito I)
Beef Stew & Dumplings
Chicken & Veg Pie
Chicken & Vegetable Casserole (Apetito I)
Chicken & Vegetable Casserole (Apetito MP)
Chicken Casserole
Gammon & Gravy
Lamb & Vegetable Casserole (Apetito I)
Pork & Leek Sausages
Pork Loin & Stuffing (Apetito I)
Pureed Bef Stew (Apetito I)
Pureed Chicken & Vegetable Caserole (Apetito I)
Pureed Fish in Creamy Sauce (Apetito I)
Pureed Lamb & Vegetable Casserole (Apetito I)
Pureed Pork & Gravy (Apetito I)
Pureed Salmon Supreme (Apetito I)
Savoury Mince in Yorkshire Pudding
Shepherd's Pie
Sliced Turkey with Stuffing (Apetito I)
Soft Chicken & Vegetable Casserole (Apetito I)
Soft Lamb Stew (Apetito I)
Soft Rich Beef Stew (Apetito I)
Steak Pie
Steak Pie with Flakey Pastry Top (Apetito MP)
Vegetable & Bean Cobbler (Apetito I)
Vegetable Lasagne (Apetito I)